Women in Decision Making

Women in City Councils

Since the first councils election in Iran many women have entered public office to make decisions for their city, district or village of residence. Women have come a long way in their involvement in public office, yet they have a long road ahead of them. This page follows the lives of women who decided public issues were their issues and entered public office to be a part of policy making.

Women in the Islamic Consultative Assembly

Over the past few decades there have been few women representatives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly in Iran. The first term only included women from the capital, Tehran. That changed over time, and recently women representatives from smaller towns and villages have been elected. This page follows the professional lives of women who thrived among the predominantly male representatives of the Islamic Consultative Assembly over the years.

Women in the Tenth Islamic Consultative Assembly

The number of women representatives in the tenth Islamic Consultative Assembly has increased compared to previous terms. Is this increase in number indicative of women’s qualitative engagement as well? Are women representative of the tenth Islamic Consultative Assembly a quiet minority or one with a powerful voice representing half of the country’s population? Yalda Network follows these women closely and reports on their actions, opinions and experiences.

Women in the Executive Branch

In order to gain power women ought to be elected or assigned seats by the authorities and those in positions of power. Although the number of women in decision making positions have increased recently, it is high time authorities change their views of women’s leadership capabilities. This page takes a close look at the professional lives of women who were able to gain the authorities’ trust in their leadership abilities despite male domination and patriarchal structures of power.