How to run a successful campaign?

This animation provides an introduction to running a successful campaign, from planning and identifying issues to preparing for the results. It gives a quick overview of the different courses offered under the Campaign Management cluster.

Roles, Responsibilities and Personal Management

Different roles introduce different, sometimes conflicting responsibilities and values to our lives. To keep a healthy balance in life it is essential that we know our values and responsibilities and learn to prioritize them. Time management, resource management and good communication are necessary skills in order to achieve a work-life balance.

Gender Responsive Budgeting

Through a local example from the city of Karlskoga, Sweden, this short anime looks at public issues with a gender lens. It introduces how transportation, health services, and public safety affect different genders; and how taking gender into account must respectively affect budgeting. It demonstrates how gender responsive budgeting is not only about equality between the genders but a better quality of life for women, men and children.

Who Is A Qualified Candidate?

While only 51% of the population in Iran are men, they occupy 97% of the seats in the parliament. This anime shows how the traditional “merit” system prevents women from participating in politics in Iran and across the world. Dominant patriarchal structures keep leaving women out of the political scene, and in doing so prevent the parliament from truly representing the public.

Quota System

Women's participation in politics improve social conditions for the public at large. Quota systems are introduced to make sure that parliament or other public office are truly representative of the different constituencies of their population. Implementing a quota system helps reform this imbalance and make sure the parliament represents both genders as well as ethnic and other minorities.

If You Are Qualified, Run!

Half of the 81 million population of Iran are women. However, women only occupy 9 out of the 290 parliament seats. A genuine reflection of public issues require the balanced representation of women. This animation encourages women to participate and run for office while demonstrating why women’s participation matters.

What Is the Role of Women’s Participation in Major Political Decisions?

This animation encourages women’s running for office as a means of changing the status quo. It demonstrates how women’s participation often brings more collectivity, nonviolence (negotiation), democratic and participatory methods, causes less corruption and more empathy with the people and their problems. It calls for the encouragement of powerful women to run for local and other elections in Iran.